New Patients Are Seen Immediately!
Never A Charge For A Consultation. 

New Patients Are Seen Immediately!   Never A Charge For A Consultation.

258 Southtown Circle

 Rolesville, NC 27571

258 Southtown Circle • Rolesville, NC 27571


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The Adjustment Rooms in Osborne Chiropractic Clinic's Rolesville office are fully equipped to provide you with the best care possible. Dr. Osborne's techniques are shown to be safe and effective.

Herniated "Slipped" Discs / Sciatica: Shown below is a specially designed table that allows for a gentle stretching of the bones and soft tissue in your lower back. This procedure is extremely effective for treatment of herniated discs in the low back and sciatica.

Whiplash / Accident Cases: Especially effective for treatment of whiplash cases associated with automobile accidents, is a procedure known as flexion-distraction. This technique helps to gently correct misalignments of the neck for those people who have nerve interference due to either misaligned neck bones or herniated discs. This extremely gentle procedure safely aligns the bones and discs and allows your body to function at 100%.

Osborne Chiropractic Clinic is also fully equipped with the latest in rehab and therapy equipment. Therapies such as Electric Muscle Stimulation, Ultrasound and Hot Packs are especially useful for those people who have severe amounts of muscle spasm and pain.

We also has highly effective exercise equipment to rehabilitate parts of your body ranging from ankles to neck muscles to help rehabilitate patients from injuries ranging from sports to every day falls. Proper exercises can help reduce healing time and prevent injuries from reoccurring.