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Healthy Living Tips: Posture 1/7

Proper Posture is extremely important to your health. There are many misconceptions about what the right posture is. Most of the information here is for a typical computerized office. Many of the concepts can be applied to other situations. Any reduced stress to your spine can prevent common aches and pains which can lead to increased work production and increased health. I hope some of this advice will help you.

In the past 15 years, office environments have drastically changed because of the more frequent use of computers. In the old days, you could read memos and do some writing, and if you became uncomfortable, you would shift positions automatically and unconsciously. Now with the non-mobile computer monitor on your desk, you must adapt yourself to it. Sometimes we adapt to it compromising correct posture. This is not a good practice. With very little effort, we can save our health and continue to work efficiently.  

Keep your "S"- curve intact

The best positions in which to work are those that keep the body in a neutral position. 

 This means:
  • the back with its natural "S" curve intact
 • the elbows held naturally at the sides of the body
 • the wrists in neutral position

It is important to maintain the natural S-curve of the back whether sitting or standing. Sometimes additional lumbar support is helpful if you are sitting for long periods of time. Note that it is impossible to hold a rigid position as shown in these pictures for long amounts of time. These are only two examples of good posture.  

Remember however, that no one posture is good for a long time. The best posture is a constantly changing one. If you don't believe this, take a car ride from New York to Los Angeles one day. Even with the "best" posture in the world and the finest leather seating you will quickly realize my point. 

Did you know that sitting down actually puts 50% of a greater load on your spine than standing. When standing, it is often helpful to use a foot rest to keep the spine in its best alignment. When sitting, leaning back slightly is often helpful.